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On va pas s'NRV, la matinale de ta radio.

Du nouveau dans vos oreilles

RNV étoffe régulièrement sa playlist, vous retrouverez ici les ajouts récents à notre programmation.

À l'antenne, un morceau est habituellement considéré 2 mois comme "Nouveauté". Puis pendant 10 mois de plus, il devient un titre "Récent".
Comme vous l'imaginez, les titres contenus dans ces deux catégories sont d'avantage diffusés que les autres. En outre, ils sont également joués dans l'émission "Les Niouzes", le vendredi soir !

À noter qu'un même artiste ne peut pas avoir deux titres dans une même catégorie. Ainsi, un nouveau single pousse le précédent dans la catégorie suivante, quelle que soit la temporalité.

Date Artiste Titre
15/7/2021 Chloé Soleil Immense
15/7/2021 Alison & The Twins Drones
14/7/2021 Kejnu Waterhole
12/7/2021 Julyian Down
11/7/2021 Opération Zéro Panamera
10/7/2021 Naomi Lareine x Mykel Costa Sry not sry
9/7/2021 Sam Himself What it's worth
9/7/2021 Quantum Rise
9/7/2021 Lady in Red From the ice
8/7/2021 Black Sea Dahu Glue
8/7/2021 The Rebels of Tijuana San Francisco (Jafar session)
7/7/2021 Célina Ramsauer De belles histoires
3/7/2021 Lips and Strings Nur Dich
3/7/2021 Maryss Umunezero
3/7/2021 Marina Santos Fraises
2/7/2021 Mala Oreen Ragged queen
2/7/2021 Schneiders Anchor Aweigh
30/6/2021 Laura Scaglia Wanna Dance
30/6/2021 Jeremy Mage & The Magi More I learn
27/6/2021 Afra Kane Start again
27/6/2021 Annakin The love, the love
27/6/2021 Dj Antoine BAM BAM BAM (Put your hands up [everybody])
27/6/2021 Ay Wing Lift me up
27/6/2021 Ferni Luna Too much
27/6/2021 Sivilian Fragile
27/6/2021 Lil Don Young Boss SMD
25/6/2021 Aline Chappuis Isis
25/6/2021 [chuckles] La fille du cauchemar
24/6/2021 Moira Limonade
24/6/2021 Pat Burgener California Sun
24/6/2021 Waterglow Underground
24/6/2021 Malummi Horizon
24/6/2021 Mark Kelly & The Peaceful Warriors See You again
24/6/2021 Franco's Lip Les Chats
23/6/2021 Marlène Ma main sur ta peau
23/6/2021 Thirty-Thr33 Dirty Lies
21/6/2021 Marco della Rovere featuring Giulia Longo Invitarti a ballare
18/6/2021 Laddermen Houston Morphine
18/6/2021 Kejnu Fake Eyebrows
18/6/2021 Simon Joseph Time after time
18/6/2021 Skyler Wind Happy now ?
18/6/2021 Bonnie If I had known
18/6/2021 Animor Together
18/6/2021 Dezabel featuring Pixie Liv I wake up
18/6/2021 Sétay Alnaïr
18/6/2021 Kyrah Siri
18/6/2021 The Rebels of Tijuana Celui qui danse
18/6/2021 One Sentence Supervisor How many others
18/6/2021 Nalu Let me wander
18/6/2021 Patrick Jonsson Tout droit du ciel
18/6/2021 AMARA ctk100 Jelly
18/6/2021 Nyna Shanti La paix dans le chaos
18/6/2021 Eva Leandra The same
18/6/2021 Lakna Gimme
18/6/2021 Banbourg Roulé boulé
18/6/2021 Waldskin Sharing Atoms
18/6/2021 Ignatius Burning soul
16/6/2021 Marquise Porto Germeno
12/6/2021 Fredy Pi featuring Joli Sleep well, my Darling
11/6/2021 Carvel Cannot not dance
11/6/2021 Cégiu I owe you nothing
11/6/2021 77 Bombay Street Karaoke Girl
11/6/2021 L.A.U Let me be the one
11/6/2021 Célina Ramsauer Tu pourras
11/6/2021 Lena Minder Fall again
11/6/2021 Hilke featuring Gregory Frateur Greta
11/6/2021 Flyde Fly
11/6/2021 Evelinn Trouble Roadkill
11/6/2021 Sam Himself Nothing like the night
11/6/2021 Silance Vibrer et vivre
11/6/2021 Leopardo Selfish spoiled chill
11/6/2021 Charlestone Memory locks
7/6/2021 Silentsido Head in the clouds
7/6/2021 Gadjo Plastic Panic
7/6/2021 Maryss World
7/6/2021 Charlestone Cloud Chasers
7/6/2021 Patric Scott Bodytalk
7/6/2021 Daniel Korber Velofahre
7/6/2021 Le Baho Window
4/6/2021 Streaker Symétrie
4/6/2021 Odd Beholder Accept Nature
4/6/2021 Numeral featuring Brecon Landing
4/6/2021 Marian Crole La chanson sans nom - The nameless song
4/6/2021 Le Flow Porté par le Flow
4/6/2021 Jakub Ondra Pitstop
4/6/2021 Jaand Young Love
4/6/2021 Chemical Fame Elixir
4/6/2021 Carrousel Maintenant ou jamais
3/6/2021 Concrete Jane The Lover
3/6/2021 Le Baho Window
1/6/2021 Organ Mug Forget Me Not
31/5/2021 okNoah Fun
28/5/2021 Barrio Colette Les Astres
28/5/2021 Boy Fit back in
28/5/2021 Stevans P.L.A.Y.I.N.G
28/5/2021 Loco Escrito Mamacita
28/5/2021 Sophie de Quay Building bridges
28/5/2021 Loudrogs featuring Madi A thousand miles away
28/5/2021 U-sayn featuring Nacho Martin Lo que el no te dio
28/5/2021 Arthur Hnatek Wassenwerk
28/5/2021 Patrick Dufresne Elle vole
28/5/2021 Into Orleans Stop all the clocks
28/5/2021 KT Gorique Djessimi Djeka
28/5/2021 Sky of Augustine Nothing to hide
28/5/2021 Daniela Simmons Silly's not allowed
28/5/2021 Gabriel MG Le retour du punk acoustik
28/5/2021 Lady Bazaar To the top
28/5/2021 Oxidix & Miss C-line Margarita
28/5/2021 Lady Bazaar To the top
27/5/2021 Lanik La Liberté
27/5/2021 Avielle Waves
21/5/2021 Simis King & Epic Eric To the Sky
21/5/2021 Joya Marleen Driver
21/5/2021 Jackswell Nobody else
21/5/2021 Minus 8 featuring Bonvoyage Flawed mechanism
21/5/2021 Mary Keey Be closer
21/5/2021 Rapture Boy Tell em
21/5/2021 Naomi Lareine Red room
21/5/2021 Pale Male Ghost villages
21/5/2021 Vinny Ill Wedding fake for a Mississipi cake
21/5/2021 Mo Klé Be my judge
21/5/2021 Cash Duo Chi mai
21/5/2021 Silent Neighbor You surround me
21/5/2021 Dalai Puma You don't know how to kiss
21/5/2021 We are AVA More than You like me
21/5/2021 Adrian Sieber Love U
21/5/2021 Dj Antoine featuring Caelu Wasted (Dj Antoine vs Mad Max 2k21 mix)
21/5/2021 Lord Kesseli Cold war
18/5/2021 Maryne Coachella
18/5/2021 Vlada Every time
14/5/2021 O Débit featuring Rival G Boomb Boom Boom
14/5/2021 Eli Graf Only one
14/5/2021 Mono Void Refuge
14/5/2021 Lapcat You wonder
14/5/2021 Carole Curty Mockingbird
14/5/2021 Hypsign Never ending
14/5/2021 Madam' Rappel
14/5/2021 VR x Kala Blessed
14/5/2021 Urges Never gonna change
14/5/2021 Elias Bertini Sherlock Holmes
14/5/2021 Perplexed By my side
14/5/2021 Super-Stoner The Trap
14/5/2021 Feet Peals Regarder en avant
14/5/2021 Dan Breeker How many times
14/5/2021 We Are Interview Queen
14/5/2021 Emilie Zoé, Franz Treichler & Nicolas Pittet Grain, sand and mud
14/5/2021 Balezco Dis-moi
14/5/2021 Andryy Julia
7/5/2021 Arthur Henry Sounds of Lausanne
7/5/2021 AGAHMA Falling
7/5/2021 daFoo Bubble
7/5/2021 Kaya Blessings River
7/5/2021 Dino Brandão Bouncy Castle
7/5/2021 Les Fils du Facteur Danser sous la pluie
7/5/2021 Marim Crise'Alide
7/5/2021 Phoam Cold Blood
7/5/2021 Highland Sanctuary That's when I calm down
7/5/2021 Stefanie Heinzmann Would you still love me
7/5/2021 Marc Aymon L'Oiseau
7/5/2021 Lily Claire La Lune
7/5/2021 Velvet Two Stripes Fever
7/5/2021 Ester Poly Wet
7/5/2021 Aliose It's lovely
7/5/2021 Sounds of Keila Ships
7/5/2021 Novia Signore
7/5/2021 Mothers Pride Marylou
7/5/2021 Laddermen Welcome to the 20's
7/5/2021 okNoah Sort it out
7/5/2021 The Five Forties Perfect 10
7/5/2021 Waverer A song for you
7/5/2021 Messina Barcelona
7/5/2021 Ana Stone cold heart
7/5/2021 Sophie Sciboz Je crois que je ne t'en veux pas
7/5/2021 Sophie de Quay Tes yeux
7/5/2021 Maud Paquis Sophia
6/5/2021 Naeva More than this
28/4/2021 Costary Hakuna Matata
26/4/2021 Impure Wilhelmina Midlife Hollow
24/4/2021 L'Ôtre Combien de temps
23/4/2021 Shem Thomas Do it
23/4/2021 Sandor 200 mètres
22/4/2021 CRIMER Home alone
22/4/2021 Skyler Wind Worst thing
22/4/2021 Claudio Bagnato Nowhere
22/4/2021 Dalai Puma My bedroom is an entire room
20/4/2021 Egopusher Blue Moon
18/4/2021 Ellie Je parle de toi
18/4/2021 Tafta Long way down
16/4/2021 Rodas Dumonda
16/4/2021 AEIOU Boomer
16/4/2021 Odd Beholder Disaster movies
16/4/2021 Finn Today Sober
16/4/2021 Karavann Bring back the feeling
16/4/2021 Evelinn Trouble Higher lover
16/4/2021 Bastian Baker Jackpot
16/4/2021 Antony Trice Je voudrais que tu m'aimes
16/4/2021 Lea Lu Everything is on fire
16/4/2021 Emi Paty Douce folie
16/4/2021 Giulia Dabalà Deep side
16/4/2021 Seriously Serious Vertical Romance
16/4/2021 The Green Flamingos In the witching hour
16/4/2021 TimanFaya Cultive la vie (Acoustique)
16/4/2021 Afra Kane Building
15/4/2021 Sétay Petit rêveur
14/4/2021 Rooftop Heroes Brother
14/4/2021 Jason Gee Don't stick with my heart
9/4/2021 Veronica Fusaro Fool
9/4/2021 Naeva Love
9/4/2021 Patrick Jonsson Emmène-moi
9/4/2021 Neo&Neo A little bit too sweet
9/4/2021 Tan Pickney Plant a seed
9/4/2021 Polar Klub The Devil (lives in my flatt)
9/4/2021 Barrio Colette Filles Garçons
9/4/2021 Les Fils du Facteur et Claire Passard Hier encore
9/4/2021 Kadebostany featuring Valeria Stoica Take me to the Moon (acoustic)
9/4/2021 My Sister Bytes Sync the world's beat
9/4/2021 Pal & Lali (La Triade) Aurore
9/4/2021 Tricks & Stuff Kindness
8/4/2021 Timebelle featuring Alizé Oswald Beautiful people
2/4/2021 What Rules On the run
2/4/2021 Naeman Weekend love
2/4/2021 Caroline Alves Dizzy
2/4/2021 Mnémosyne Calling you
30/3/2021 Carrousel Voilà
30/3/2021 Jeremy Mage & The Magi Roll with me
30/3/2021 Wolfman Tender words
26/3/2021 22° Halo Iceland
26/3/2021 Rykka Dreams/Death
26/3/2021 Mary Keey Free
26/3/2021 Daddy Gorilla Siancer Zo
26/3/2021 Anna Aaron featuring Bernard Trontin Moonwaves
26/3/2021 Kadebostany featuring Valeria Stoica Take Me To The Moon (Mahmut Orhan Remix)
26/3/2021 Makel & Friends Help me
26/3/2021 Pat Burgener & Marius Bear Waiting on the world to change
26/3/2021 Sophie de Quay Amour amer
26/3/2021 The Woodgies Holding hands
26/3/2021 Flyde Colourblind
26/3/2021 Kim Nolan Belle + you
26/3/2021 Bastoun Réexister
26/3/2021 Messina Iced lilac
20/3/2021 Dachs Charmeleon
19/3/2021 Ellas Different place
19/3/2021 Kyrah Black sheep
19/3/2021 Silver Birch The simple life
19/3/2021 Professeur Chantage Fragilité
19/3/2021 Lea Lu featuring David Zincke Wolf
19/3/2021 Highland Sanctuary Weekend
19/3/2021 Wilcox Friend of the year
18/3/2021 TimanFaya Les seules limites
18/3/2021 Dachs Charmeleon
18/3/2021 TimanFaya Les seules limites
15/3/2021 Raiz Easier
12/3/2021 Laddermen The huntress obeyed
12/3/2021 Naomi Lareine Limitless
12/3/2021 CRIMER I want you to know
12/3/2021 Loénaï Des cases
12/3/2021 Dj Antoine & Deep Vice When you want some love
12/3/2021 Urges All about you
12/3/2021 Patrick Harbor What if I play
12/3/2021 L.A.U Le nord
12/3/2021 Cabry Ce que la vie nous donne
9/3/2021 Wilcox Back in time
5/3/2021 Eline Carat La planète
5/3/2021 Immigration Unit That's not me
5/3/2021 Nadeen Lavie Free2be
5/3/2021 Sivilian Boredom Paradise
5/3/2021 Kejnu Apeland
5/3/2021 Turkey The Bird This and that
5/3/2021 Mono Void Rome
5/3/2021 Anna Mae Wolves in the woods
5/3/2021 Delilahs Wheels
5/3/2021 Sim's Des litres
5/3/2021 Esteban & Alex Schneider featuring Nyasha Walk Away
5/3/2021 Posh Queen of the night
5/3/2021 Patrick Jonsson Je suis venu te dire
5/3/2021 Ajay Mathur Mister
5/3/2021 Kejnu Apeland
4/3/2021 Esteban & Alex Schneider featuring Nyasha Walk away
4/3/2021 Jack Dancing Please don't believe me
26/2/2021 Dj Ala & Original Lovers Le Parole
26/2/2021 Hypsign Maze game
26/2/2021 Jerome Mevis When the sun comes up
26/2/2021 Kadebostany featuring Valeria Stoica Take me to the moon
26/2/2021 Naeman These games
26/2/2021 Pat Burgener Dollar
26/2/2021 SUMO y los Hermanos del Alma Oya
26/2/2021 Jason Gee It's all under control
26/2/2021 Panaviscope Perplexed
26/2/2021 Serge Band Hors du temps
25/2/2021 DJ Ala & Original Lovers Le Parole
25/2/2021 Pat Burgener Dollar
22/2/2021 Jerome Mevis When the sun comes up
20/2/2021 Tafta So good
19/2/2021 77 Bombay Street Drifters in the wind
19/2/2021 AEIOU Trigger
19/2/2021 AMARA ctk100 You don't wanna
19/2/2021 ELÆNA Lost in space
19/2/2021 Lena Minder Stay around
19/2/2021 Mauz A bigger plan
19/2/2021 New Polarities Echo
19/2/2021 The Green Flamingos Will you be my friend
19/2/2021 Etienne Machine Alarms
19/2/2021 New Polarities Echo
19/2/2021 Ella Ronen Housebroken
12/2/2021 Mo Klé A land to call their own
12/2/2021 Lea Lu featuring Nils Wogram I call you
12/2/2021 Alex Nauva Ring ring
12/2/2021 Alyx Dis-le moi
12/2/2021 André-Daniel Meylan C'est tellement mieux quand on est amoureux
12/2/2021 Beyond Music featuring Dyllann, Mariana Baraj, Anat Porat, Mathias Kielholz & David Stauffacher Meadow
12/2/2021 Floren Green Light
12/2/2021 FOMIES Sandbagged
12/2/2021 GIAN Let it slide
12/2/2021 Lapcat Light giants
12/2/2021 Lisa Oribasi Mustard yellow
12/2/2021 Noom featuring Mathew Newsam Break the circle
12/2/2021 Roger O'Dubler Up and down
11/2/2021 GIAN Let it slide
8/2/2021 André-Daniel Meylan C'est tellement mieux quand on est amoureux
8/2/2021 Grazia Singsongs Je m'en vais au vent
5/2/2021 Boodaman Subsequent
5/2/2021 Dezabel I don't wanna wait no more
5/2/2021 Blackbook Slowlove
5/2/2021 Les BriSKArds Children's dreams
5/2/2021 Nipazen Juste une nuit
5/2/2021 R We Alone Talking 2 Myself
5/2/2021 Sky of Augustine Prayer in Blue
5/2/2021 Pollen Crevasse
5/2/2021 Ana Whiterose Breaking
5/2/2021 Perplexed One song
5/2/2021 Sandor featuring Philippe Soltermann Pour se plaire
5/2/2021 Stéphane Blok Ecrans
5/2/2021 Meril Wubslin Flâner
4/2/2021 Silver Birch Yourself
4/2/2021 Skyler Wind Digital pressure
1/2/2021 NNAVY Blue
31/1/2021 Nipazen Juste une nuit
26/1/2021 Tricks & Stuff You're no magazine
22/1/2021 L'Ôtre Disque rayé
18/1/2021 Amandine Season go
17/1/2021 Jenny Lorant & Mané Brillons !
15/1/2021 Célina Ramsauer Ensemble (version 2021)
15/1/2021 Pilots of the daydreams Angels are real
15/1/2021 Joëlle Mauris Pas de chanson d'amour
15/1/2021 Crème Solaire Autobahn-autobahn
15/1/2021 Adrian Sieber It's serious
15/1/2021 Guillaume Marche avec moi
15/1/2021 Seraina Telli Remember you
15/1/2021 Rubis and the Mirabels Paradise
15/1/2021 Squaremetersample Bumping
15/1/2021 Colour Of Rice Hold You
15/1/2021 Dahlia Hotel Wires
15/1/2021 What Rules Six
13/1/2021 The Engine featuring Sandra Heber Little King
9/1/2021 LEO2R x Elise Elvira x Master Soul Boy Weatherman
8/1/2021 Daddy Gorilla Don't kill the trees
8/1/2021 Jael featuring Alizé Oswald No matter what (Quoi qu'il en soit)
8/1/2021 Remady & Ane Wonderful Life
7/1/2021 Arthur Hnatek & Taut Ritual
7/1/2021 Pegasus Metropolitans (Unplugged)
5/1/2021 Boodaman Complexity
5/1/2021 Penelope Athena Love is a rollercoaster
4/1/2021 Jo2Plainp Ride la life
24/12/2020 The 3 Donkeys Pandémie
24/12/2020 Wesley Appiah da Fonkso0patismé! Joyeux Noël
23/12/2020 713CARATS Ivresse de Noël
22/12/2020 Serge Band Aux lumières des années soixante
21/12/2020 Rislane & The Lovers Leave it to your heart
18/12/2020 Nicolas Dal Sasso Invisible love
18/12/2020 Annakin featuring Ed Harcour Parachute
18/12/2020 In Trees. Falling
18/12/2020 Andrea Bignasca Haven
18/12/2020 EDKUB El viento nos lleva
17/12/2020 Joelle Mauris Pas de chanson d'amour
16/12/2020 The Path You Left Lost in time
14/12/2020 Julien Israelian Socca
14/12/2020 Long Tall Jefferson (I'm in Love with an) Astronaut
13/12/2020 BAzzJoke Best For You (HELMO Remix)
11/12/2020 Tiffen Entends ma voix
11/12/2020 A.W.A Medicine
11/12/2020 Claudia Balla featuring Sonia Grimm Likely / Si vous saviez
11/12/2020 Emi Paty Di ki manera
11/12/2020 FlexFab & ZillerBas featuring Sim Citizen Hendzo
11/12/2020 Pamela Méndez Eternal Love
10/12/2020 Organ Mug Busy being broken (Original track by Pavel)
10/12/2020 Patrick Dufresne Love Song
9/12/2020 Zeela Christmas on Facetime
5/12/2020 Manon L Surfing the flame
5/12/2020 Claire-Lyse von Dach The Forest Calling
4/12/2020 Waliser Seema & Eliane Amherd Hotel Corona
4/12/2020 Eléonore L'enfant
4/12/2020 G.O.A.T Looking back
4/12/2020 Joel Goldenberger About Christmas Time
4/12/2020 Tiffen Entends ma voix
3/12/2020 Safe Upstairs Everything went away
1/12/2020 Hector ou rien Les déserteurs
1/12/2020 Titoffee & Hibotep Hold on to your love
30/11/2020 The Birthday Girls Middle Of Things
29/11/2020 Gyrlie Tonight
29/11/2020 O Débit Les petits bonheurs
29/11/2020 Walliser Seema & Eliane Amherd Hotel Corona
28/11/2020 Matondo C'est toi
27/11/2020 Frank Salis featuring John Bouttè Christmas Morn
27/11/2020 Imelda Gabs Fallen Angel
27/11/2020 La Cabane de Baldwin Meirav
27/11/2020 Nicolas Dal Sasso Invisible love
26/11/2020 Elvett Infinite lives
26/11/2020 Loumy Ghost
22/11/2020 Shana Pearson Still
20/11/2020 Daxx & Roxane Give It Time
20/11/2020 Martin Brothers So cold
20/11/2020 Maryne Waterproof
19/11/2020 Highland Sanctuary Scars
19/11/2020 Marie Vaccaro Queen of the clouds
19/11/2020 Pamplona Grup Jenachdem
19/11/2020 Slimboy Hello You
19/11/2020 Veronica Fusaro Beach
18/11/2020 Les Violettes Noires Excusez-moi
15/11/2020 Numeral Sulasan
14/11/2020 Sandy Leresche L'image est un jeu
13/11/2020 Melyz Bad together
12/11/2020 G.O.A.T Looking back
12/11/2020 Lakota & Evelinn Trouble Easy
12/11/2020 Thirty-Thr33 Dancing on my own
12/11/2020 Tuwan TGV
11/11/2020 Kay Jam featuring Nalu Hollow
6/11/2020 Antony Trice Ces moments-là
6/11/2020 Bibi Vaplan Crazy Popcorn 1
6/11/2020 Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers Gin Tonic
6/11/2020 Galaad Moments
6/11/2020 Gloria Amelia Slow down
6/11/2020 Kala featuring KT Gorique Pas né
5/11/2020 Delilahs77 Some Kinda Hate
5/11/2020 Finn Today Foreplay
5/11/2020 Flava & Stevenson featuring daFOO Starboy
5/11/2020 Turkey The Bird Art and design
3/11/2020 The Legacy Martha's Laundry
30/10/2020 Epoque Bleue Regard de fille
30/10/2020 Loco Escrito Triste
30/10/2020 New Polarities No Use
23/10/2020 Börni featuring Christopher Swift Kamakaze
22/10/2020 Dan Breeker This is not a love Song
22/10/2020 Eclecta Magnolia
22/10/2020 U-sayn featuring Silver Angelina Sunshine
19/10/2020 DarkFlow It's all for you
17/10/2020 Sam Blaser Follow you
17/10/2020 Stefanie Heinzmann Colors
16/10/2020 Gérald Métroz Ma p'tite femme
16/10/2020 Bastian Baker Dancing Without You
16/10/2020 Cyril Cyril Al Boustan
16/10/2020 Richard Gyver Knowing me, knowing you
15/10/2020 André-Daniel Meylan Eche lébé dèche
15/10/2020 Nadja Zela Brickman
15/10/2020 Sophie de Quay À l'aube de mes 30 ans
14/10/2020 Aislinn Grace Feelings
14/10/2020 Gerald Métroz Ma p'tite femme
14/10/2020 Pascal Gamboni Uela Te
9/10/2020 Kacimi Sous les eaux
8/10/2020 Aliose Dans nos mains
4/10/2020 Cristina Hart Bad Girlfriend
4/10/2020 Méandre Astronaute
2/10/2020 Dear Misses Mr. Bombastic
2/10/2020 Gotthard Eye of the Tiger (Electric)
1/10/2020 Aura Davis Keep Running
1/10/2020 Oesh’s die Dritten Elle tournera encore
1/10/2020 PepperDreams Mountain of Dreams
30/9/2020 BellWald Beau Séjour (Alexis Trembley Remix)
30/9/2020 Chloé Combien de temps
24/9/2020 Inbetween Movies Girl
24/9/2020 Stemin Dare
23/9/2020 Charlestone Soon after
21/9/2020 Morgoran Je ne viendrai pas
17/9/2020 Pina Jung Shadows
14/9/2020 The Espionne Hard Cuts
11/9/2020 Borderline New Orleans
11/9/2020 Slow Soak Moon
10/9/2020 Casanora No Surprise
10/9/2020 Twone Baila
9/9/2020 Caroline Alves Sticks And Stones
5/9/2020 Eurotropic Awake
3/9/2020 Sophie Hunger Halluzinationen
3/9/2020 Zoder Mr. Smartass
1/9/2020 Mice&Minie Resignation
1/9/2020 Proksima Le syndrome de A
28/8/2020 The Beauty Of Gemina A night like this
27/8/2020 Pierrick Destraz Maintenant on est là
26/8/2020 Timothy Jaromir Rabbit Hole (Acoustic)
21/8/2020 Henri Dès Le virus
20/8/2020 Grandbec Léa
20/8/2020 Marquise Fair On we go
20/8/2020 Phanee de Pool Je suis heureux
20/8/2020 Polar Klub Limerence
16/8/2020 Loenaï Des cases
14/8/2020 Lerocque x Alejandro Reyes Asesina
14/8/2020 Ribordy Comme une enfance
7/8/2020 Collectiv' Planet Changer ce monde
6/8/2020 Tobias Jensen Young Love
4/8/2020 Mario Ferrini featuring Justina Lee Brown Light in You
1/8/2020 Kilian Jerome The Beauty of Diversity
31/7/2020 Syrius Front médiatique
30/7/2020 Ellas Running
28/7/2020 Sinai Planum Rocket Fuel
23/7/2020 [chuckles] All night long
23/7/2020 Tawara Soul Rebel
22/7/2020 Dalai Puma Cigarette Day
22/7/2020 Dumanic Daydream
19/7/2020 Alma Cilurzo Hey You
17/7/2020 Les Fils du Facteur Asphyxie
17/7/2020 Vinny ILL Dance with grace
14/7/2020 André-Daniel Meylan Danse la vie
14/7/2020 To Athena No History
11/7/2020 Albert De Gruffy La Taguenatzelamoi
10/7/2020 Jesse Summer
9/7/2020 Blvmenkind You were right
9/7/2020 My Sister Bites Don't you know
9/7/2020 Nick Porsche Come a little closer
9/7/2020 Romeon In your eyes
9/7/2020 Yaya Murderer
7/7/2020 Chaoseum First step to Hell
3/7/2020 Jessanna Let you go
2/7/2020 Carole Curty You wanna
2/7/2020 Ottomotor Diskothek
29/6/2020 Soë Blue Totally Confused
26/6/2020 Afra Kane Mouth shut
26/6/2020 Hanny Hanson Free Willy
25/6/2020 Waterglow Chemical Robots (Forever Young Remix)
20/6/2020 Johnny Roxx Fly
20/6/2020 Lily Gasc Bisou
20/6/2020 Makel & Friends Viens à l'abri
19/6/2020 Chapelle Chanson d’amour
19/6/2020 Lakna Simple
19/6/2020 Mykel Costa Same Blood
19/6/2020 Régis Adieu Genève
18/6/2020 La Nefera No sé
18/6/2020 Laura Scaglia Hymnuance
18/6/2020 Levin Still in love with You
17/6/2020 NayRo Hope there's someone
15/6/2020 Djecko Get Away from Here
14/6/2020 Syane Bouge
11/6/2020 Loudrogs featuring Richard Wipf Another Summer
10/6/2020 Morse Time to heal
10/6/2020 Rubis and the Mirabels Paradise
9/6/2020 Cat's Eyes Want
8/6/2020 One Million Dollar Band The Broom
5/6/2020 Adam's Wedding Running Wild
5/6/2020 Hong Back to Life
5/6/2020 Joya Marleen Nightmare
5/6/2020 Singing For Help My Friend
4/6/2020 Sonic Delusion Don't let love make a fool
4/6/2020 Visage Pâle Revolver
31/5/2020 Soybomb Delicate High
29/5/2020 Louis Jucker & Coilguns A simple song
29/5/2020 Mario Cortesi featuting Mr.DA-NOS Believe in you
29/5/2020 Snurfu No fucks given
29/5/2020 We are AVA Usually
28/5/2020 Moo Malika Aziza
28/5/2020 The Ruins My time is blue
28/5/2020 WOLFMAN No time for this
21/5/2020 Amoa Back
18/5/2020 Sylvain Esti Magaria (Radio Edit)
15/5/2020 Jasmin Albash Sink
15/5/2020 KT Gorique Airforce
15/5/2020 Rhys Lewis The sun will rise
14/5/2020 Johny Holiday featuring Rootwords Run
13/5/2020 Collectif d'artistes indépendants romands Le déserteur
13/5/2020 Esteriore Brothers Stand together now
12/5/2020 Bandit Voyage Peines et marées
9/5/2020 Mary Zoo Swan
8/5/2020 Francine Jordi Mon chéri
4/5/2020 Cadavre Exquis Lune bleue
30/4/2020 Crux Sledge Walk Away
27/4/2020 Paul Mac Bonvin Toi la cible
23/4/2020 Upstill Some days
20/4/2020 Chanteurs Romands Confinés Ma plus belle histoire d'amour
17/4/2020 Andrea Bignasca Where Things Grow Mean
17/4/2020 EDX The time is now
17/4/2020 Jessy Howe & Javier Vargas Cry for loving
16/4/2020 Oversea Away
16/4/2020 Wasabi featuring Lia Foolsgold
14/4/2020 Onésia Dans ta sève
11/4/2020 Mc Roger Tu stoppes et tu galopes
9/4/2020 Director I just wanna be
9/4/2020 Emel Under The Moon
8/4/2020 Magenta featuring Vendredi Sur Mer Chance
6/4/2020 Chozo Haku
27/3/2020 Aya Waska Résiste
27/3/2020 Banbourg Bombe le torse
27/3/2020 Meimuna Les oiseaux de Paradis
27/3/2020 Rebel Duck Can't stop the fight
26/3/2020 Namaka Rainbow In Berlin
26/3/2020 The Amber Unit Kim
21/3/2020 The Two Romans Secrets
15/3/2020 El Diablo Grande El Diablo Grande
13/3/2020 Annie Taylor A thousand times
13/3/2020 Asbest They Kill
12/3/2020 Stereophrenics Spotlight
10/3/2020 Nyna Loren Volando
8/3/2020 Chloé Baud Marianne
3/3/2020 Ajay Mathur Mister
1/3/2020 Silance Tornade
27/2/2020 Gina Été Londres
21/2/2020 Ella Ronen Welcome to the Universe
21/2/2020 Ta'shan Mixie Mixie
19/2/2020 Polar Circles Story's end
19/2/2020 The Greatbyrds Pinewood's Lake
13/2/2020 Shuko, Ira May & Defari Money
13/2/2020 Liam Green Love at second sight
13/2/2020 Philo Le choix d'aimer
13/2/2020 Shuko x Ira x Defari Money
12/2/2020 John Blue featuring Selma Fais des rêves
7/2/2020 Fanny Leeb The girl I was
7/2/2020 Keshtjella Pepshi Too many miles
7/2/2020 Yoanna Pour une femme
6/2/2020 Thierry Lang & Heiri Känzig Celebration
4/2/2020 Tikom L'Âge d'Or
2/2/2020 Bernard Léchot Le temps passera
30/1/2020 The Night is Still Young Hold me back today
28/1/2020 Delia Meshlir Ice Grip
26/1/2020 Sebalter Gente Simpatica
23/1/2020 Scalatrax featuring Ryler Smith & Niko Seibold Circles
17/1/2020 Sooma Recca
17/1/2020 Woodie Smalls featuring Blvth Seeking closure
16/1/2020 Tawnee Untied
14/1/2020 Shakra Fireline
13/1/2020 JulDem Waptudai
12/1/2020 Fred & Rose Ana me beso
11/1/2020 The Jamborines Never care to repeat
9/1/2020 Nick Mellow More of you
8/1/2020 Stevans Fred Astaire (Rework)
6/1/2020 KKAAN From where
3/1/2020 Walldown No compromise