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Du nouveau dans vos oreilles

RNV étoffe régulièrement sa playlist, voici les ajouts récents à notre programmation

Date Artiste Titre
30/3/2018 Franz Ferdinand Glimpse Of Love
30/3/2018 George Ezra Pretty shining people
30/3/2018 Jack White Over and over and over
30/3/2018 Kadhja Bonet Mother Maybe
30/3/2018 Monster Magnet Mindfucker
30/3/2018 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Shiggy
30/3/2018 Palatine Grand Paon de Nuit
28/3/2018 Giufà Propagangstar
28/3/2018 Jack Garratt Weathered
28/3/2018 Julien Doré Africa
28/3/2018 Kim Wilde Kandy Krush
28/3/2018 Laura Pausini Non è detto
28/3/2018 Leif Vollebekk Into the Ether
28/3/2018 Moby This wild darkness
28/3/2018 Odd Couple Katta
28/3/2018 Dominique A Toute latitude
28/3/2018 Eddy de Pretto Normal
28/3/2018 Fink This is the Thing
28/3/2018 Tricky New Stole
28/3/2018 Axel Rudi Pell Beyond the light
28/3/2018 St. Kitts Royal Orchestra Abra Kadabra
28/3/2018 Braggarts Spleen
28/3/2018 Little Tornados I disappear
28/3/2018 Cheaks Excès de zèle
28/3/2018 Meimuna Meimuna
28/3/2018 Yael Miller Get Up
28/3/2018 Renar The Monster
28/3/2018 Worry Blast Dirty mind
28/3/2018 KT Gorique ft Mc Melodee La belle hip-hop
28/3/2018 Tompaul Gloves
28/3/2018 Noga Les femmes sont courbes
28/3/2018 Kadebostany Save me
28/3/2018 Energize Wetabend Le temps d'un soir
28/3/2018 Evelinn Trouble Monstruous
28/3/2018 Nowfrago Then The Pawn
28/3/2018 Grand Canard Blanc Gypaète
28/3/2018 Naeman Stay Right Here
28/3/2018 Nick Mellow Arrows Fly
28/3/2018 Nic Gyalson Mr Sorrow
28/3/2018 Silver Dust Forever
28/3/2018 Nyx’O‘Night Borderline
28/3/2018 Sonderr Distorted Memories
28/3/2018 Sophie de Quay & The WaveGuards Perfect young lady
28/3/2018 The Clive Johnson
28/3/2018 Zeal & Ardor Gravedigger's Chant
28/3/2018 Sooma Karoshi
28/3/2018 Pale Male Simple Man
28/3/2018 Francis Francis Vacance
28/3/2018 Oversea Street Melancholia
28/3/2018 A case of you (cover Joni Mitchell) Sebastien-H
2/3/2018 Anna von Hausswolff The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra
2/3/2018 Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite Found The One
2/3/2018 Black River Delta Rodeo
2/3/2018 Dan Mangan Fool For Waiting
2/3/2018 Die Nerven Niemals
2/3/2018 Grand Corps Malade Dimanche soir
2/3/2018 Imarhan Ehad wa dagh
2/3/2018 Juliette Météo Marine
2/3/2018 Lulu Gainsbourg Jeux d'enfants
2/3/2018 Mich Gerber Latitude
2/3/2018 Odd Couple Vielfraß
2/3/2018 Palatine Paris-L'Ombre
2/3/2018 Salvatore Adamo Si vous saviez
2/3/2018 Sarah Blasko A shot
2/3/2018 Superorganism Night Time
2/3/2018 Surma Hemma
2/3/2018 The Barr Brothers Song That I Heard
2/3/2018 The Kills List of Demands (Reparations)
2/3/2018 Jikaelle et Bernard Léchot Y'a de ces gens-là
2/3/2018 Jikaelle Te toucher
2/3/2018 Wild Beasts Get My Bang (Live at RAK)
2/3/2018 Flasher Skim Mik
2/3/2018 Joan Baez Whistle Down the Wind
2/3/2018 Jon Hopkins Emerald Rush
2/3/2018 Judas Priest Lightning Strike
2/3/2018 Zibbz Stones
2/3/2018 Wilcox Leave it all
2/3/2018 Tompaul feat Pablo Nouvelle Moonlight Drive
2/3/2018 The Two Smile
2/3/2018 Submaryne Sugar Man
2/3/2018 Rocket Van Alone
2/3/2018 Pyrit Another Show
2/3/2018 Panda Lux Bar Franca
2/3/2018 Recreate Paradise Moonraisers
2/3/2018 Muthoni Drummer Queen Million Voice
2/3/2018 Linda Vogel St. James' Park
2/3/2018 Les Fils du Facteur Quand tu t'en vas
2/3/2018 Laskaar Drunk
2/3/2018 Captain Danitsa
2/3/2018 Danitsa Captain
2/3/2018 Claudia Mona Lisa
2/3/2018 Charlotte Grace Birth
2/3/2018 Celina Ramsauer Patouch
2/3/2018 Andy And The Outsiders Not A Punkrock Song
2/3/2018 Nickless feat James Gruntz Useless
2/3/2018 Them Fleurs Run
2/3/2018 2henning I'm Rich
2/3/2018 Tony Blaster Black Hole
2/3/2018 Alejandro Reyes Love Right Now
2/3/2018 Director Nothing is wrong, nothing is true
2/2/2018 Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa Joy
2/2/2018 Franz Ferdinand Lazy Boy
2/2/2018 Hookworms Static Resistance
2/2/2018 Slimane Solune
2/2/2018 Marey Save animals eat people
2/2/2018 Pamela Mendez I will die
2/2/2018 The night is still young Lisboa
26/1/2018 Fall Out Boy Champion
26/1/2018 First Aid Kit Fireworks
26/1/2018 Igit Lisboa Jerusalem
26/1/2018 Starcrawler I love LA
26/1/2018 DJ Antoine feat. Armando & Jimmi The Dealer El Paradiso
26/1/2018 The Monkberry Moon Orchestra Nadeje
26/1/2018 Atlas Clouds You should know
21/1/2018 Nicolas Dal Sasso Stalemates of existence
21/1/2018 Chloé C. Miles Away
19/1/2018 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Little thing gone wild
19/1/2018 Black River Delta Gun for You
19/1/2018 Franz Ferdinand Feel The Love Go
19/1/2018 Joe Satriani Energy
19/1/2018 Leyya Heat
19/1/2018 Muthoni Drummer Queen Suzie Noma
19/1/2018 Ty Tabor Johnny Guitar
19/1/2018 Balimurphy feat Juliette & Rive Nos Voiles
19/1/2018 Petosaure Pineapple Express
19/1/2018 Fabian Tharin Ne va pas te faire foutre
19/1/2018 Jun'ai Freedom
19/1/2018 Seryously Serious You Make Me Feel So Right
19/1/2018 Sonalp Hermès
19/1/2018 Serge Band Fils de St-Brice
19/1/2018 Audio Dope Pai Mei
19/1/2018 Black Widow's Project Pandora's Box
19/1/2018 Don't Kill The Beast Spooky Self
19/1/2018 Jo Mettraux Du rêve
19/1/2018 Marquise Made on the moon
19/1/2018 Martha's Laundry Through The Fire
19/1/2018 Max RubaDub feat. Luciano Trust and obey
19/1/2018 Naeman Kiss Me
19/1/2018 Stéphane Blok Le bord des routes
19/1/2018 The Dead Brothers Les Papillons Noirs
19/1/2018 Twelve24 & FreeG With You
19/1/2018 Wintershome Up To You
19/1/2018 Dissipé Casus Belli
15/12/2017 Linda Vogel Prisoner
15/12/2017 Henri Dès & Ze Grands Gamins La petite Charlotte
15/12/2017 Herrmann & Brigante She's out of my life
15/12/2017 The Good The Bad and The Queen History song
15/12/2017 Jane Birkin et l'Orchestre de la Radio Polonaise Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve
15/12/2017 Iron Savior Battering ram
15/12/2017 Kyo Ton mec
15/12/2017 Fiction Plane Out of my face
8/12/2017 Ja Ja Dickicht Brain Surgery
8/12/2017 Duck Duck Grey Duck Frelon
8/12/2017 Stéphane Blok Tard
8/12/2017 Le Roi Angus Lesbos
8/12/2017 Monumental Men Enemy
8/12/2017 Astorian New Life
8/12/2017 Charlyn Cloud 9
8/12/2017 Audio Dope Floating
8/12/2017 U2 You're the best thing about me
8/12/2017 The Rolling Stones (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Saturday Club, 18th September 1965)
8/12/2017 Black River Delta Gun for you
8/12/2017 Bertrand Cantat Anthracitéor
8/12/2017 Shaka Ponk Mysterious Ways
1/12/2017 Shana Pearson Waves (Junkei Remix)
1/12/2017 Bennie All you need
1/12/2017 Jack Stevenz It's our Christmas
1/12/2017 daFOO 40 Days
1/12/2017 FriiiSpirit Human
1/12/2017 Mondegreen Closing the loop
1/12/2017 One Sentence Supervisor Onomatopoeia
1/12/2017 Polar Circles Go it alone
1/12/2017 BrokenKa Ton élégance
1/12/2017 Solam Home
1/12/2017 Cris Rellah I try
1/12/2017 Brize Take what you want
1/12/2017 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Holy Mountain
1/12/2017 Sarah Lancman On s'est aimé
1/12/2017 Shaka Ponk Wrong Side
24/11/2017 The Green Flamingos The Southern Oracle
24/11/2017 Nicolas Dal Sasso Being understood
24/11/2017 Borderline Borderline
24/11/2017 Mané Etoile de fièvre
24/11/2017 Francis Francis Sur la banquette arriere
24/11/2017 Sigrid Don't kill my vibe
20/11/2017 Etienne Daho Les flocons de l'été
20/11/2017 Charlotte Gainsbourg Ring-a-Ring o'Roses
20/11/2017 Shed Seven Room In My House
20/11/2017 Paloma Faith Guilty
20/11/2017 Maalouf feat Thomas Dutronc Les Gitans
20/11/2017 Ibrahim Maalouf feat Thomas Dutronc Les Gitans
20/11/2017 Rökkva I Want You To Know
17/11/2017 Mané Before The Storn
17/11/2017 Madcap Useless
17/11/2017 Visions In Clouds Rain Song
17/11/2017 Frantic Hunters In The Dark
17/11/2017 Matto Rules Dive
17/11/2017 Aliose Me passer de toi
17/11/2017 Björk Blissing Me
14/11/2017 Alois Credo
14/11/2017 All XS feat Movements Millennials
14/11/2017 The Corrs Son of Solomon
14/11/2017 Seal Luck be a lady
6/11/2017 Sam Smith Too Good At Goodbyes
6/11/2017 Maroon 5 feat. Sza What lovers do
6/11/2017 Asaf Avidan My old pain
6/11/2017 Spinning Coin Money is a drug
3/11/2017 The Last Moan Come To Me
3/11/2017 Amorph Skin
3/11/2017 Klischée Swing it like Roger
3/11/2017 Waterglow Dawn
3/11/2017 Nick Mellow Heartblind
3/11/2017 Michael Hayez Stop It
3/11/2017 Mag n'Men A Fairy Tale
3/11/2017 Klischée Mais non (1920 Version)
3/11/2017 Long Tall Jefferson Old Friend
3/11/2017 Lady Bazaar Got Something
3/11/2017 Sonic Delusion Words and Strings
3/11/2017 Sameday Records Give It All Up
3/11/2017 Hookworms Negative Space
3/11/2017 Fabrizio Cammarata In The Cold
3/11/2017 Alien Stadium This One's For The Humans
31/10/2017 Alice Roosevelt Revolutionary Years
31/10/2017 Pamela Méndez World of nothing
31/10/2017 Jon Hood Body semantics
31/10/2017 Len Sander Woman on the run
31/10/2017 James Gruntz Speechless
30/10/2017 Stephan Eicher & Martin Suter Driissg Jahr
30/10/2017 Chloé Bieri Pierro la lune
20/10/2017 Hanreti Songbrid
20/10/2017 Jaël Little bit
20/10/2017 Mistral Baignoire
20/10/2017 Dylem Can't Take Anymore
20/10/2017 Evelinn Trouble Sunset everytime
20/10/2017 Dylem Can't Take Anymore
20/10/2017 Mize Faudrait pas
20/10/2017 James Gruntz You
20/10/2017 Aliose Viens la nuit
20/10/2017 Aliose Viens la nuit
6/10/2017 Tobias Carshey Skin
6/10/2017 SUMO feat Wayne Paul You Are My Light
6/10/2017 Patrick Jonsson Come Out Tonight
6/10/2017 Muthoni Drummer Queen Million Voice
6/10/2017 KØDE Five Billion Years
6/10/2017 Frank Powers Free Moves
6/10/2017 Egopusher Flake
14/1/2017 Shakra Cassandra's curse